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The is a public non commercial information resource and operates according to the legislation of the Russian Federation.

Administration of the does not monitor and is not liable for information posted by users on the We do not monitor user's actions, who may repost texts and pictures and links to objects, which are subject to your copyright. All information on the site are inserted by a registered user only, who is not under control of any third party, which conforms commonly accepted world practice of information host in Internet. Administration of the resource does not have a technical or any other means of monitoring users' actions.
Administration of the resource are hostile to violation of copyrights whatsoever posted in the information resource.
Therefore, if you are a copyright holder, including:

— copyright holder on reproduction;
— copyright holder on public display;
— copyright holder on right of communication to the public.

    and your rights are violated in one way or the other in use of the resource, please, contact our Complaint Service (via e-mail) according to our recommendations below, as soon as possible.
    When we receive your message, with a correctly and completely filled information, a reference number will be assigned to the claim message and we will send a confirmation message to your e-mail. The claim will be reviewed within 5 (five) working days. According to the acting regulations of the Russian Federation's legislation, administration is ready to review controversial cases in a pretrial (claim or whatsoever) procedure of dispute settlement.
    Our e-mail:
    In case you notice any violation, please report us the following data:
    1. Data on object of the violated copyright:
    Product or composition name — either Russian or English (if present).
    2. Official page of the product or composition or text source in Internet (if present).
    3. For Legal entity/Copyright holder of electronic publications/software/data base — Copy of the document on state registration.
    4. For Legal entity/Copyright holder of audio and video — Distribution certificate (copy).
    5. For Legal Entity/Copyright holder of photo and images — document confirming title ownership or copyright holding on an image.
    Data on copyright holder:
    Full name of legal entity. Or passport data of an individual.
    Postal address (in case of a mismatch between legal and postal address — indication of legal address is mandatory).
    Site of copyright holder in Internet (if present).
    License for the right of business (if such business is licensed according to the law).
    Copyright holders contact person (Full name, position, telephone, e-mail).
    Data on a complainant.
    Full name
    Phone number
    Copy of a warrant on actions on behalf of the Copyright holder (not required if complainant is Head of the Copyright holder's company).
    Site page, which contains data that violate rights. Example of the link
    Complete description of the copyright violation (why the Copyright holder restricts distribution of the data).
    5. Subscription on validation of actions (to be filled out by hand and sent as a scan). Mandatory for every claim.
    I, «full name», acting on behalf of the «Copyright holder's legal name», acting on the basis of the letter of attorney «data on letter of attorney» herewith certify authenticity of the mentioned data, «Full name of copyright holder» (Copyright holder) is a holder of an exclusive title, including:

    — copyright on reproduction;
    — copyright on distribution;
    — copyright on public display;
    — copyright on right of communication to the public.

      The above-mentioned rights are in force within the Russian Federation; all claims related to remuneration payment to authors of the composition regulated by Copyright holder, Copyright holder is not informed on claims of third parties regarding the named rights.
      In case of claims directed to the resource from third parties, regarding the violation of copyrights and consumer's rights, per distant/blocked post or a gallery, the Copyright holder is liable for all actions to be taken in claim settlement and possible disputes including judiciary.
      Copyright holder should settle demands, claims or complaints of third parties and completely repay all costs and loses of the resource (including lost profit, payment of attorney services etc.) related to compensation of such requests, claims and complaints of third parties regarding violation of their rights and other claims related to illegal and mistaken blocking or delete of images or video on request of the Copyright holder.
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